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Protection for your glass

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Protection for your glass


About ClearShield

ClearShield is a polymeric resin that cross-links with the glass and itself, forming a strong chemical bond. The result is a multi-molecular protection less than 1 micron in thickness that is non-tinted, completely transparent, chemically inert, non flammable, and non-hazardous.

Working like ‘non-stick’ cookware, ClearShield Low-M® Glass is always much easier to clean, low in maintenance, on average reducing cleaning frequency by half, and resists staining and discolouration.

ClearShield Low-M® Glass. Now you see the light.

Glass is beautiful, functional and versatile; specified by architects, designers and developers because it lets in the light, promises clear vision and is easy to clean.

Wonderful as it is, however, glass does have some disadvantages. Just as unprotected metal rusts, unprotected glass degrades. Atmospheric pollution, corrosion from humidity and other contaminants such as metal oxides, limescale and construction materials reduce the glass’ visibility and ruins its appearance. Cleaning costs escalate as time goes on and the glass ages.

Now the solution is clear

The ClearShield system is a unique ‘non-stick’ surface technology that provides unrivalled benefits wherever glass is specified.

It stays cleaner between cleans and is much easier to clean, reducing the time spent each clean. As many window cleaning companies quote by time or by the drop, this results in a reduced cost per clean.
ClearShield’s performance has been independently verified by testing organisations, laboratories, universities and major glass companies around the world.

ClearShield is the recipient of the Prince of Wales Awards for Industrial Innovation and was honoured as a Millenium Product by the Design Council of Great Britain.


Humidity Temperature cycle for 22 days at 100% relative humidity –
significantly less weight loss than on untreated control samples.

Salt spray 100 hour test – pass.

Weatherometer To BS 3900: 2000 hours – pass.

Coefficient of friction Measured on inclined surface – 30-40% less friction on treated samples.
Mechanical abrasion Exceptional wear resistance demonstrated.

Alkali attack ISO 695 – significantly less weight loss than on untreated samples.
Migration No migration from treated to untreated areas after curing.

Resistance to cleaning compounds
Excellent resistance except to abrasive cleaners.

Algae/lime deposits
Significantly easier removal from treated samples.

Bacteria adherence
Twenty-fold reduction in bacteria count on treated samples.

Autoclave Steam resistance – to ISO 4802 – pass.
Freeze/thaw cycles 20 cycles – pass.

Light transmission No detectable reduction on treated samples.
UV light Stable.

Paint adhesion BS 3900:
ClearShield can be removed from non-vitreous surfaces such as timber and metals with warm
detergent wash; subsequent paint adhesion unaffected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How is ClearShield Glass Made?

By a special process (The ClearShield System) which converts the surface of ordinary glass into a “Non-Stick”, easy-clean surface that is chemically inert to most substances.

Q. Does this have any effect on glass colour, optical properties, or light transmission?
A. No, except to maintain the original performance by keeping the glass cleaner and brighter.

Q. Does ClearShield “Non-Stick” Glass require cleaning?
A. YES!! again, just as “Non-Stick” cookware needs some cleaning, so does ClearShield Glass. On average, cleaning is required less than half as often as untreated glass.

Q. What will attack ClearShield Glass?
A. Similar to “Non-Stick” cookware, abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals can attack the surface.

Q. Can ClearShield be used for plastics such as acrylics or polycarbonates?
A. No. ClearShield only works on vitreous surfaces such as glass, ceramics and porcelain. It washes off from other surfaces.

Q. How do we clean ClearShield “Non-Stick” Glass?
A. Our suppliers have developed special After-Care products to maintain the performance and appearance of ClearShield Glass.

Q. Is it necessary to use our special cleaning products for maintaining ClearShield Glass?
A. Our products are recommended because they are specially formulated to maintain the appearance and performance of ClearShield Glass. Other products may be used provided they are not abrasive and do not leave a residue or film.

Q. How long will the coating last?
A. As a guide, the ClearShield protection will last up to 10 years or more on vertical glazing installed externally, provided a simple and economic aftercare programme is followed.
Durability may vary depending on the location and environmental conditions.



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