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Frequently Asked Questions About Ecco

How long have you been in business ?

Ecco is a family company that has been in the building industry for 4 generations, over 72 years.

Do you have a warehouse?

We have a 4,000 square metre warehouse in Sydney.

Do you have a showroom?

We have a large showroom for the Architect, Builder, and their clients to view fully installed products.

Do you stock much glass in your warehouse?

We carry about 20 container loads of imported glass in our store with shipments arriving each month.
We have sizes in standard required heights to meet the safety codes and widths that are from 400mm to 2000mm in 50mm incremental increases.

Can you make customised glass panels?

We are the NSW distributor of one of the largest glass toughening companies in Sydney and we offer fully customised panels where required.

Do you carry hardware lines to use with your toughened glass?

We stock a full range of hardware products required to install pool fencing, balustrading, and showerscreens.

Do you have an option of coating protection for glass?

We have an in factory process to apply a long lasting coating to your toughened glass panels to make cleaning very easy.
Together with our After Care Products for cleaning, and following our recommended maintenance procedures, our coatings will last for up to 10 years.

Do you have coatings available for protection of stainless steel parts?

Yes we have an in factory coating process to apply a durable long lasting coating to stainless steel parts.

Can you give qualified advice on our pool fencing, balustrading, and showerscreen requirements?

We have a Supervisors Licence for Fencing and Shower screens, and can offer advice on solutions for your intended installations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Balustrades

What is the glass type?

For frameless toughened glass pool fencing we supply 12mm clear toughened glass which is manufactured to meet AS/NZS1288, and AS/NZS2208 standards.

Can you customise the panels?

We can provide locally produced custom glass to suit any application. The panels can be toughened or toughened and heat soaked to meet all of the safety codes.

Does all of the toughened glass meet the Australian safety codes?

All of our toughened glass meets AS/NZS1288 & AS/NZS2208 manufacturing and safety standards.

What spigots do you sell?

We carry a stock of about 5,000 spigots, which are for core drilling into concrete or for a wooden deck.
These spigots are made from 2205 Duplex grade stainless steel and they weigh between 1.8 kgs to 2.4 kgs depending on whether the shorter baseplated or the core drilled types.
2205 Duplex garde stainless steel is 350% more resistant to t-staining than the softer 316 marine grade type.

Are the floor covers for your spigots also of the same material?

The floor covers are also 2205 Duplex grade stainless steel.

What kind of hinges do you sell?

We have very high quality adjustable spring hinges that are made from 2205 Duplex grade stailess steel. These have a 316 stainless steel spring and are full 205 Duplex grade cased.
Also available is a fully hydraulic 316 marine grade hinge which is entirely soft swing and soft close.

What kind of latch?

Our latches are fully encased 2205 Duplex grade stainless steel.

What is the structural rating of your fixing cements?

Our fixing cement is rated by the American manufacturer as 4,500psi after 1 hour, and up to 8,000 psi within 7 days.
Structural reinforced cement is generally rated at about 4,000 to 6,000 psi compression strength and structural reinforced footings for say bridges are rated at around 6,000 to 8,000 psi.

Can you give a Compliance Certificate for all of your products?

Yes, we can supply a Compliance Certificate stating that our supplied products are suitable for an installation which will meet the Australian standards.

Are you licensed in any way to give qualified advice?

Instead of an ordinary trade licence, we hold a Supervisors Licence for fencing installations.


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About Ecco

Ecco Glass is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of quality glass fittings & accessories, we have a huge range of glass and hardware for pool fencing, balustrades & showers.